8/9 Metric System with Bill Nye

By the end of class today we will be introduced to the Metric system by none other than my favorite person Bill Nye. We will watch a short video please download the file below as you watch the video                            Bill Nye Video on Measurement

Once you have completed the notes we will be working on Metric Mania activity on Length…Please make these into ONE NOTE in Notablitly. Please labe it Metric Mania Lenght
Once we have completed the notes please work on the the assignment Units of Length Make this it’s own note in Notability. Make these 2 worksheets into 1 note in Notability and labe it Conversion Metrics & Length
DUE: Bill Nye Video Notes Science Cit Today Only,  Metric Mania Notes in Science 8/10, Measuring Units of Length in Science Cit 8/10
Late Deadline: If not submitted by the Late Deadline Grade is officially a 0.
Lab Safety Worksheet 8/9 (AEC today)
Spongebob Safety in Science Cit 8/9 (AEC today)
Metric Mania Notes in Science 8/17
Measuring Units of Length in Science in Science Cit 8/17