8/5 – 8/8 PSA Presentations

Today we will submit the link to the video. First go to iMovies and click the box with arrow at the right top corner and save your file to your pictures as a medium file. Once you have done that go to your pictures and upload to your google drive. Once you have saved it to your drive make sure that the sharing link is on by clicking the three dots on the left side of your video. Once you have checked that go back and click get link. Copy link and submit the link to Jupitergrade in Science Safety PSA. We will watch the video link in class.
If you are not using iMovies turn in the project just like a normal file.
Once you have turned in your project you will be grading your partner(s) on their work, and each others porject for the day. Please open the file 
Once you have completed that during the videos you will be grading each project open
DUE: PSA 8/5 and 8/8 Presentation
Late Deadline: If not submitted by the Late Deadline Grade is officially a 0.
 Lab Safety Worksheet 8/9
Spongebob Safety in Science Cit 8/9