8/3 – 8/4 Science Safety Public Service Announcment

By the end of class today, you will create a Science Safety Public Service Announcement (PSA) demonstrating the dos and don’ts of class safety. You and your partner will create a video of one of the classroom rules. You will demonstrate the incorrect and correct way to perform that safety rule. You need to pick a partner and then download the file below for more instructions.
This announment will be shown to the class and will be graded by your peers on a Google Form on 8/5
DUE: PSA 8/5 (This is due on the DATE there is no extension)
Late Deadline: If not submitted by the Late Deadline Grade is officially a 0.
Syllabus in Science 8/5
Safety Contract in Science 8/5
Lab Safety Worksheet 8/9
Spongebob Safety in Science Cit 8/9