7/27 Syllabus and Safety Contract

At the end of class today we will have reviewed Ms. Reimund's Syllabus. You will know what is expected of you at all times. You will need a parent signature completed no later then Friday. Once we have reviewed the syllabus we will go over the Safety Contract. This too will need to be completed by a parent and due by Friday.

Once we have gone over these items we will be login into Jupitergrades, Google drive, and creating shortcuts for your ID, EMAIL, and Birthday

DUE: Syllabus in Science 7/29, Safety Contract in Science 7/29

Late Deadline: If not submitted by the Late Deadline Grade is officially a 0 you will receive AEC two days before the late DUE date 

Syllabus in Science 8/5

Safety Contract in Science 8/5