4/10-4/11 Exploring a Living Fossil

Today you will be starting research for the activity Exploring a Living Fossil. There are 4 different organismic and only 1 person from each table is able to pick one of the 4. The organism are…
  1. Coelacanth (pronounced SEE-LA-Canth)
  2. Crocodile
  3. Horseshoe Crab
  4. Cockroaches 

Make sure only 1 person from each group has one of the following above. Download the worksheet Exploring a Living Fossil for today’s activity.

Exploring a Living Fossil 

Once you have complete the worksheet you will put all the information into a presentation. You can use PowerPoint, Prezi, Explain Everything, or anything you prefer. You will then present to your group your finding on the Living Fossil and will grade each others work using a google form. Open the following link to the google form

Exploring a Living Fossil Google Form

If Not submitted by the Due Date you will be Assigned AEC the following Day: 
DUE: Exploring a Living Fossil in Science by 4/11
Late Deadline Notice: If work is not submitted by the Late Deadline Grade is officially a 0
Cosmos Episode 2 in Science Cit on 4/11
Artificial vs Natural Selection in Science on 4/13
Fossil Record DE in Science by 4/14