7/28 Jupitergrades and Google Drive

Today you will be linking your Jupitergrades with your Google Drive that is connected to your Notability. Before we do this we will start by creating short cuts in keyboard to remember all our information.

We will have several short cuts.

  1. email
  2. 1d (your school ID)
  3. 6bd (6 digit birthday)
  4. 8bd (8 digit birthday)
  5. 1dI (your schoold ID with Your Initials)

Now that we have all the shortcuts saves we will now work on Notability. Download the file below.

Be a Notability Ninja

Some of you know how to use Notability some of you might be new to it so we will complete it as a refresher course.

Once you have completed it you will send it to your Google drive. You should not be login to your persona email or this WILL NOT WORK!!! You must login to your school email for google drive. Remember the ending is @sweetwaterschools.net

DUE: Getting to know DUE TODAY, Syllabus in Science 7/29, Safety Contract in Science 7/29

Late Deadline: If not submitted by the Late Deadline Grade is officially a 0 you will receive AEC two days before the late DUE date 

Syllabus in Science 8/5

Safety Contract in Science 8/5